Move Your Body Monday: Hoop Dancing w/LED Hoop Video

Hey there! Thanks✨ for visiting Happy Healthy Noms for this week’s Move Your Body Monday!🌟

I have been hoop dancing💃 since May🌷, and I LOVE💗 it!

Hoop dancing (or “hooping“) is a great calorie-burning aerobic and strengthening workout that doesn’t feel like a workout!💟 Hooping is fun, can be relaxing🌾, and is fairly easy to learn👍.I started out with that beginner hoop, but switched to an advanced pink polypro hoop, and I just got my advanced LED hoop in the mail today!🎉 Look at this baby shine~✨

My hoop is from Moodhoops and is called Glitch. It’s 3⃣3⃣ inches, and made out of clear polypro.

Check out my first flow session with my new LED hoop:

💗I’ll post hooping videos on Happy Healthy Noms every Monday and also on  my Youtube.

🌟I take hoop classes locally, which means there are probably hoop classes by you too! If you’re interested just google “hoop classes” +your town!👍

⭐️If there aren’t hoop classes by you, you can learn from tutorials on YouTube. I supplement my classes with these tutorials. My favorite💛 tutorials are by DeAnne Love.

🙏If you have any questions about hoop dancing let me know! *comment✒️ below or e-mail📧 me at

I can help you pick out a good beginner hoop or find tutorials to start your hooping journey!✨

Also, fellow hoopers : I’d appreciate any constructive criticism~💜

Until next time, remember: Have your cookies🍪 and move your body💃 too!


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