How to Start Hoop Dancing+Hooping Videos

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“Yoga” hooping from one of my hooping videos
Interested in hoop dancing?⭐️Today I explain how to start!✨ I also have a 🆕 hooping video🎥 at the end!👍

💜How to start hooping:💙

1⃣~ Get a beginner dance hoop. No, you can’t use a kid hoop from Toys-R-Us!🚫 You need a dance hoop👍. 

My 7/8 Beginner Dance Hoop!
 Recommended dance hoop webstores: Kelsey Hoops (Great prices and she has a wonderful custom hoop shop! I have 2⃣ lovely hoops made by her!) Also, Galaxy hoops has pretty hoops. There are also many hoops on Etsy. Want an LED hoop? Get one from Moodhoops (great prices, great products, and fast shipping!)

What kind do I get?”

Answer: Make sure it’s made of HDPE

“What do all the numbers mean?”

Answer: You’ll see 3⃣/4⃣ or 7⃣/8⃣–get 7⃣/8⃣! The next confusing number will usually say inches between 3⃣0⃣-4⃣0⃣. A good beginner size is: 38-40″. But if you want it tailored to you, measure from the floor to a little above your belly button. That is the number you’ll want!🌟

👌Tip: It’s fun to get your beginner hoop in pretty colors and sparkly patterns, but you will drop your hoop, wreck it, and beat it up! So, it may be better to get it in a more solid print (which is typically cheaper!) But the choice is yours. 💁🏻

2⃣~ Google for “hoop classes”+your town to find hooping classes near you!) Can’t find any? That’s okay!

More “yoga” hooping~✨
3⃣~ Look on YouTube for “beginner hoop tricks” or “beginner hooping.”

👍Recommended hooping tutorials:

“Isolations” from one of my videos~✨
*Isolations are too difficult (and basically impossible) on a beginner hoop. You’ll want to buy a 3⃣/4⃣ Polypro 2⃣8⃣-3⃣2⃣” to do isolations!

My 3/4 32″ Pink Polypro!
4⃣~ The most important step is being kind to yourself! Hooping is difficult at first. When I started I couldn’t even hoop around my waist!

🌟Know that you will get the hang of it, and with enough practice you will get it! My biggest advice is: practice really does make perfect (or at least very close to perfection!)

💗This week I have a daytime🌄 (with my pink hoop) and nighttime🌌 (with my LED hoop) hooping videos 📹 !

Daytime🌄 Flow:

Nighttime🌌 flow:

I have 2 more hooping videos🎥 on my YouTube channel! Please check them out~ I update my YouTube often, so subscribe👍 to my channel!

Miss last week’s Move Your Body Monday? Here’s last week’s post.

Until next time, remember: Have your cookies🍪 and move your body💃 too!


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