Your New Addiction: Cold Brew Coffee

Hey there! Thanks✨ for visiting Happy Healthy Noms for this week’s Tidbit Tuesday.👌

Today enjoy my new favorite thing: Cold❄️ Brew Coffee☕️! All summer☀️ I’ve had a cup of iced cold brew coffee every morning🌄.

👍It is literally the best✨ iced coffee☕️ you will ever have (sorry Starbucks, but this has got you beat!)

 💛What is Cold Brewed Coffee? As the name suggests it is brewed cold❄️,  instead of hot🌋, It takes about 1⃣2⃣-2⃣4⃣ hours to brew–but it is so worth the wait! Cold Brewed Coffee enhances the flavors of the coffee beans, bringing out the nutty, chocolate, or floral flavors.

It also lowers the acid up to 6⃣5⃣%, therefore brewing a delightfully light🍃, but fullbodied🌷 cup of deliciousness🙏.

⭐️So, what do you need to make it?

1⃣Get good quality roasted whole coffee beans. Lightroasted beans will bring out more nutty and floral flavors, whereas Darkroasted beans will bring out chocolate flavors. (You can use decaf and caf–or both! I keep both in mason jars in my fridge~✨)

 2⃣Get a burr mill* coffee maker and coarse grind the coffee beans.**

*A burr mill coffee maker is more consistent and produces the perfect coarse grind for your cold brewed coffee~✨

**I use a Mr. Coffee burr mill coffee grinder. The price is right and it works great!

 So, you have the beans. Now, How to Brew It?

You Have 3⃣ Options:

  1. Use a OXO or Toddy cold brew maker.  (🌟I use the OXO.)
  2. Use a French press, here is a video explaining it.
  3. Budget Friendly: Coffee+water+nut milk bag. Or here is a video using a strainer.

How to use the OXO:

  1. Ratio: 1⃣ oz coffee by weight to 4⃣ oz water by volume. What does that mean?✨ Simply put in  3⃣ 1⃣/2⃣ cup coarse ground coffee beans and 4⃣0⃣oz water into your OXO.👍
  2. Let it sit for 2⃣0⃣ minutes and then stir it!
  3. After 1⃣2⃣-2⃣4⃣ hours, flip the switch and drain it out.

To Enjoy: have 2⃣oz over ice with your favorite non-dairy milk* with your favorite coffee sweetener**.

*My favorite💛 nondairy milk: Silk Unsweetened Almond Milk. ⭐️Tasty with a kiss of nuttiness, and only 3⃣0⃣ calories! How can you go wrong?

** My favorite💛 coffee sweetener: Chocolate-flavored Sweet Drops Liquid Stevia. ⭐️This stuff has just the right amount of sweetness and hint of chocolate. With dairy-free milk, it makes any coffee (cold or hot brew) instantly amazing~✨

Until next time, remember: have your veggies🍅 and drink your cold brew coffee too!


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