Recipe Review: Vegan GF Chocolate Chip Cookies 

Hey there! Thanks✨ for visiting Happy Healthy Noms for this week’s Review Thursday!🌟

I wanted to make a batch of classic chocolate chip cookies for my boyfriend and our friends.

I found a recipe by my favorite cooking blog, Oh She Glows! But course I veganized, glutenfreeified, and gave them the Happy Healthy Noms touch!

These were a big hit with the guys, and best thing? No one suspected that they were in fact healthy, vegan, refined sugar-free, and gluten-free!

Recipe Rating: 💛💛💛💛💛

⭐️What’s in them? 💛  ‼️I forgot to put chocolate chips in the picture, kind of important right?

I made 4⃣ changes.

1⃣~ I swapped Brown Sugar for Coconut Palm Sugar.

2⃣~ I opted for Truvia Baking Blend rather than White Sugar.

3⃣~ To make them glutenfree, I replaced the whole wheat pastry flour and all purpose flour with 1⃣/2⃣+1⃣/8⃣ cup almond meal and 1⃣/2⃣+1⃣/8⃣ cup oat flour 

 🌟To make almond meal and oat four, ground up a little less of the measurements in a Magic Bullet (pictured above), blender, or food processor.

  Mixing up that delicious dough~✨  

Yummy morsels ready to be baked! Bake for 1⃣1⃣ minutes to be perfectly moist and chewy.

  Cookies on the cooling rack for 5⃣-1⃣0⃣ minutes!

  Enjoy! Be careful, these will disappear before you know it!

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Until next time, remember: have your veggies🍅 and eat your cookies🍪 too!


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