Your New Favorite Drink: Kevita 

Hey there! Thanks✨ for visiting Happy Healthy Noms for this week’s Tidbit Tuesday!💫

Today I’m sharing with you my favorite⭐️ drink: Kevita!   

NOTE: I am in no❌way endorsed by Kevita. I’m just a huge fan, who is very passionate about their drink!💁

What is KevitaIt’s a Vegan sparkling probiotic drink, that has a natural carbonation that’s reminiscent of soda

So, swap your soda❌, with Kevita

  • (Soda is unhealthy, unnatural, and made up of harmful chemicals. In other words: Soda is NOT❌ a Happy Healthy Nom!)

 My favorite Kevita flavors are: 

  • Coconut, Hibiscus Berry, or Tangerine. 👈These flavors are only 5⃣ Calories! (I don’t❌ count calories, but c’mon! You can’t beat that!💁)

Kevita also comes in other flavors including, but not limited to: Strawberry Acai, Pomegranate, or Lemon Ginger that are just 1⃣0⃣-4⃣5⃣ Calories!

Check out their website for all their flavors.

Kevita is naturally sweetened with Stevia and delicious natural flavors! Kevita contains natural extracts or actually contains the fruit! 

  • (For Example: Hibiscus Berry has Organic Goji Berry Extract and Organic Raspberry!)

These drinks contains 4 live strains of probiotics, so it’s good for the bacteria in your belly, and great for your body

I buy my Kevita at Natural Grocers and Sprouts. But, check here to find a  Kevita near you!

 Visit their website for more information

Until next time, remember: Have your veggies and drink your Kevita too!


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