Vegan Healthy Cookie Dough Brownies

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I love cookie dough and I love brownies, so cookie doughbrownies? Sign me up!

Chocolate Covered Katie has a great recipe for such a divine creation! (Can you tell that I kind of like her blog?)

These brownies are seriously incredible. Need proof

This is my second fine making them, they’re just that good. (They also have a habit of disappearing shortly after I make them…)

I made 6⃣ choices with the recipe:  

1⃣~I added the optional Ground Flax (extra fiber, omega boost, and helps the brownies not to crumble!)

2⃣~I used Coconut Oil (of course!)

3⃣~I used Spelt Flour (Though Spelt is not Gluten-free, it’s low in gluten, so it’s easier to digest.)

4⃣~I added Cacao Powder (superfood boost!)

5⃣~I sweetened the brownies with Coconut Palm Sugar.

6⃣~I also sweetened the brownies with Truvia baking blend

  Brownies are oven ready!  Fresh from the oven!    The Cookie Dough part of the Cookie Dough Brownies!

  Brownies➕Cookie Dough=YES!  The Cookie Dough Brownies!
 Cookie Dough Brownies ready to eat!

Have a recipe or cookbook that you want me to review? Comment below with the link, or e-mail me at:

Until next time, remember: Have your veggies and eat your Cookie Dough Brownies too!


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