The Basics of Eating HappyHealthyNoms!

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The Basics of eating HappyHealthyNoms:

**Disclaimer: I’m not a dietitian or trained in nutrition in any way. I’m just a plant-based Vegan who loves reading about health, and is passionate about my nutrient-dense way of eating! 

-The magic formula is: 3⃣ meals and 3⃣ snacks!

-If you’re eating a Plant Based and Nutrient Dense Diet (that is free of refined sugar❌, processed foods❌, or unhealthy fats❌) then you don’t even have to count calories!
-Don’t❌ focus on how much protein❌ you get with each meal! (You’re probably getting enough!) Instead focus on getting all the Nutrients you possibly can!

So, ask yourself: 

  • Can I add more Veggies to my plates? Can I still add more Veggies?
  • How can I add Beans, Nuts, or Seeds?
  • Can I add any Fruit to my plate?

-Most importantly: make the Veggies the star⭐️ of your plate!

-Don’t eat until you’re full, eat until you’re satisfied!

-Try not to eat after 8:00 or 9:00 (depending on how late you go to sleep!)

-Try to FORGET processed foods! Train your brain to make fruits, veggies, or healthy sweets your go to food!

-Only weigh yourself once a week (or once every two weeks!)

-The only oil you need is Coconut Oil!

Make a large portion of a healthy whole grain once a week (like on a Sunday,) that way you can enjoy it all week! (And cut back cooking time!)

-Cook 2 different beans a week to mix it up! Cook them ahead of time, so you can use them for lunches and dinners.

Remember to drink lots of water! (No soda! Instead drink tea, coconut water, Kevita, or Kombucha.)

-My favorite sweeteners: 

  • Dates, Monk Fruit in the Raw, or Stevia! 
  • For baking only: Truvia Baking Blend or Coconut Palm Sugar.
  • Occasionally: Maple Syrup, Date Syrup, or Brown Rice Syrup.

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Until next time, remember: Have your veggies and have your cookies too!


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