How To Make Vegan Dinners Fast and Easy +How to Plan Your Meals!

Hey there! Thanks✨ for visiting Happy Healthy Noms for this week’s Tidbit Tuesday!💫

👍Now that you:

👉Miss those posts? Click here for the shopping list, and here for the basics.

Today we’re mostly going to focus on dinner! But look forward to future posts for some great, easy, fast lunch and breakfast ideas–so stay tuned!✌

Just a quick reminder:

  • The magic formula is: 3⃣ meals and 3⃣ snacks!

⭐️How to Make Vegan Dinners Fast and Easy:⭐️
-Make large batch of a healthy grain on a day like a Sunday! That way you can enjoy it all week, without any effort!
-Create themed nights, and plan your meals ahead of time. This way dinner is a nobrainer!
At the HappyHealthyNoms house we have:

  • American Monday, Taco Tuesday, Bean Wednesday, Italien Thursday, StirFriday, World (Mediterranean/Indian/Greek) Saturday, and Soup/Stew Sunday
  • But, you can make your own themes suited to your favorite foods!

-I also made a small list of meal examples for every day, and this way I select one of those meals, buy everything for each meal, and making the dinner is a snap
With all that planned, start making a weekly food plan!👍

    1. Add all the days of the week+ Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, (and three snacks–if you need to plan snacks!)
    2. Add your dinner themes to the chart
    3. Plan your meals! (Yes, you are allowed to make tentative meal plans–I do all the time!)

👉Need an example? Here’s what mine looks like for this week:  


    • Have an Apple Device? I used the “Numbers” app to create my Food Plan! It has the Food Plan premade, just type your meals into it.
    • Or just use Word, Excel, or another app!

    Until next time, remember: Have your veggies and eat your cookies too!


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