Move Your Body Monday: Bicycling+ Motivational Quote Monday

Hey there! Thanks✨ for visiting Happy Healthy Noms for this week’s Move Your Body Monday!🚴 And introducing the 🆕 weekly post: Motivational Quote Monday.🌞

So for now on, Monday’s are  Move Your Body Monday🏃 OR Motivational Quote Monday!🌞


I recently got a bicycle, and I am LOVING it! It’s a great, fun way to move your body! 

Want to change up your workout routine? I HIGHLY recommend bike riding!

My bike is a hybrid👌, so it’s part street bike and part mountain bike. I like it because if the sidewalks are too crowded, I can ride in the grass!✌️

I attend a bike friendly university, so I’ve been enjoying riding my new bike around to my classes.

(If you didn’t know, I’m a Professional Writing major at a University!)  I don’t like to ride my bike too fast. I just like to feel the wind past by me, and really take in the moment

(Is my writer-ness showing?😉)

Here’s an motivational quote for a positive start to your week : (Image taken from:

Like the quote? 

It’s from an amazing⭐️ book called Peaceful Warrior by Dan Millman. There is also a FANTASTIC movie based off it, also called Peaceful Warrior. Every time I watch it, I learn something new and it’s seriously life changing! It’s such an uplifting and motivational movie that will change your way of thinking into a wonderfully positive way.✌️

Until next time, remember: Move your body🚴 , and when you ride your bike–always wear your helmet❗️(and stay in the moment!)


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