Kitehill Makes The BEST Vegan Cream Cheese Spread EVER!

Hey there! Thanks✨ for visiting Happy Healthy Noms for this week’s Review Thursday.🌟

Vegan and missing cream cheese or looking for a healthier cream cheese?

Look no further!👉

Kitehill seriously makes THE best Vegan Cream Cheese EVER!*👍

*(I was in no way endorsed to make this review, I am just a very passionate❤️ fan!)  It tastes, well, like cream cheese! (Applause👏 all around, no more play-dough taste like other brands😜!)

The texture is creamy and decadent😍, but it’s totally healthy to eat!


And best of all?⭐️ It has just a few, simple ingredients that you know and recognize!👍 In fact, it’s mostly just made from Almond Milk (which is AWESOME!)

My favorite⭐️ way to have Kitehill‘s delicious Plain Cream Cheese Spread is on Ozery Bakery‘s Morning Rounds with organic fruit spread!   

YUM! Look at that balanced Breakfast or Lunch! (Just be sure to add a green smoothie or veggies with it!)

 I found Kitehill Plain Cream Cheese Style Spread at Whole Foods, click here to find it near you!

Have a product, recipe, or cookbook that you want me to review? Comment below with the link, or e-mail me at:

Until next time, remember: Have your veggies and eat your cookies too!


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