Writers Tips Wednesday: How To Be A Writer? Always Write!+Beat Writer’s Block

Hey there! Thanks✨ for visiting Happy Healthy Noms for Writing Tips Wednesday!📓

Welcome to the first installment of Writing Tips Wednesday! For now on Wednesday will either be What Vegans Eat Wednesday OR Writing Tips Wednesday!

I’m not just a food blogger, I’m also a Professional Writing Major at a University and an author of Young Adult Novels (that will soon be published.)

Each Writing Tips Wednesday, I’ll post my writing tips, writing tips from famous authors, and wonderful writing resources

✏️Writing Quote of the Week:📓

(Image from Books by Bailey)

 I know this seems like a simple concept, but it’s actually not an easy thing to do (when you are serious about writing.)

When you’re a professional writer, you can’t just write when you feel inspired–you have to write every single day.✔️

But, you can’t just close this blog page and say, “Yeah, I’ll write every day!”

NO! You have to set a goal for yourself! Otherwise, you’ll never write!

⭐️(Doing the following will beat writer’s block!)⭐️

Every day, I set a timer, and make myself write for one hour (even if I don’t feel like it!) 

You have to set it for whatever time works for YOU.

Or, maybe set a goal of how many pages, or words you’ll write.

The important thing is that it works for YOU. (And, figuring that out may take some trial and error.)

Additionally, I cannot stress enough how important reading is! The more you read, the better your writing will be, seriously.

👉Go read a book, and then see how much your writing improves, I dare you!

Bonus Quote of the Week 

(Image and Quote are mine! Made with InstaQuote.) 

⭐️Writing Resource of the Week:🌟

This week I read the book Living Write by: Kelly L. Stone, and I highly recommend it. It has great tips for writers, and it is very motivational. So if you’re in a bit of a writer’s block, go read that book!

Until next time, remember: read📖 and write✏️ every day!


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