Super Simple Vegan Smoothie Bowls

Hey there! Thanks✨ for visiting Happy Healthy Noms for this week’s Smoothie Sunday!

This week I have 2 yummy and super healthy Smoothie Bowl recipes!

 😸Kitchen Sink Smoothie Bowl👍

🌟I made this veggie🍅-packed, vegan, smoothie bowl for dinner🍴 recently, but I was pressed for time and running late~🕔So I made this in literally 5⃣ minutes!

This was super yummy👌, super simple, and best of all: super fast🏃 to make.💙

⭐️What’s in it?💛

🍵Smoothie: spinach, kale, mixed greens, frozen broccoli, spirulina, ginger👌, and avocado.

🍃Toppings: cucumber, black olives, broccoli sprouts, cilantro, sugar snap peas, baby carrots, almonds, pumpkin seeds, lime juice, and hemp hearts.

👍And I wouldn’t change a thing! It had a nice assortment of veggies and enough protein and fiber to make me satisfied and full!✨

 🍎Newbie Fruitie Smoothie Bowl🍏

Take a trip back in time…

⏪This was the 1⃣st smoothie bowl that I ever made! It wasn’t the prettiest, but it tasted really yummy.👏

🍍What’s in it?🍊

🍅Smoothie: spinach, tomato, blueberries, avocado, apple, and vegan vanilla flavored protein powder.

🍓Toppings: strawberries, blackberries, kiwi, pineapple, chia seeds, and flax seed meal.

✔️The only thing I would change is presentation~✨

Until next time, remember: have your veggies🍅 and eat your cookies🍪 too!


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