About HappyHealthyNoms

Hey there! Thanks✨ for checking out my blog! Here’s a little about me:  

🌟My name is Lore Scarlet!🌟

✏️I am a Journalism–Professional Writing Major at a University.📝

  • I’m finishing up a Young Adult Novel, and I’m working on a Cookbook!

***I’m not a dietitian or specialized in nutrition, I’m just passionate about how I eat!

✨ I love hula hoop dancing💃. Every Monday I post hooping videos🎥 to my blog. They are also on my Youtube.

⭐️I also enjoy Yoga.

I’m on: Tumblr / YouTube / Facebook/ Instagram / Twitter / Pinterest /

🌟I also cosplay.

My Cosplay Accounts: Facebook | Tumblr

⭐️This year I made the decision to detox my body from processed foods❌, simple carbs❌, and refined sugar❌🍬. To replace that I started to eat only healthy foods. 🍎🍴

❤️Along that journey I gained happiness and healthiness that I never thought was possible.🌈 My skin cleared, my mood elevated, and my energy level increased.

🌟But best of all: in 4⃣ months I lost 2⃣2⃣ pounds! ✨ (&Everyday, I’m still loosing weight!)

  • I went from 1⃣3⃣2⃣👉1⃣1⃣0⃣
  • Before and After:  

 Now I am continuing to eat happy healthy foods–that is healthy foods that make me happy! 😺 I eat plant based🌱, complex carbs, and highprotein but I also eat my cookies (free of refined sugar) too🍪! And that is how to eat happy healthy foods.

💜My blog posting schedule:💙 I post every day!

👉Mondays are Move Your Body Monday🏃 OR Motivational Quote Monday🌞!

⭐️Move Your Body Monday🏃: I post my favorite🌟 workouts, including videos🎥 of my hula Hoop Dancing!💟

⭐️Motivational Quote Monday🌞: I post a motivational quote, and my thoughts on it, to start your week with a positive message!

👌Tidbit Tuesday: A peek at my favorite🌟 happy healthy things or healthy eating and living facts, tips, and tricks.

👉Wednesday is What Vegans Eat Wednesday✌️ OR Writing Tips Wednesday📓!

⭐️What Vegans Eat Wednesday✌️: Wondering what the heck vegans eat in a day? See what I eat in a day! ✨ Includes  recipes from previous and upcoming posts or from Cookbooks. 👍I also sneak in Happy Healthy Hints.

👍Writing Tips Wednesday📓: I’m not just a food blogger, I’m also an author and a Professional Writing Major at a University. I post my writing tips, writing tips from famous authors, and great writing resources!

⭐️ Review☑️ Thursday🌟*: I post reviews of products, cookbooks and ✨recipe reviews of vegan (and usually gluten-free) baked goods🍰🍪 vegan cooking recipes!📍

⁉️*Got a product, recipe, or cookbook you want me to review? I would LOVE💗 to review it! E-mail📧 me at : happyhealthynoms@gmail.com

❤️ Foodie Friday🍴: I post original healthy (usually) vegetarian or vegan recipes for breakfast, lunch and dinner!👍.

Caturday😸: Cute pictures or videos featuring my cats: Indi and Kiki. Also features a cute animal video that I select each week!

⭐️Smoothie Sunday🍵: I post delicious and nutritious smoothies or smoothie bowl creations.

❤️ I hope you enjoy my happy healthy foods as much as I do! 💫😁 



2 thoughts on “About HappyHealthyNoms

  1. Hi, Lore,
    YUM – and congrats! Healthy, tasty food – and you’re having fun!
    Hey, if you’d like to get to “the next level,” we’d be glad to help with PR, Social, Food Photography, or Tasting events. For 17 years we’ve worked with healthy food companies in the U.S., Canada, Chile, Peru, Italy, Ireland, Austria, Portugal, and Australia. See http://www.crierpr.com, then let me know if we should talk.
    Bill Hoversten
    Crier Communications

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