My Blog Posting Schedule

💜My blog posting schedule:💙 I post every day!

👉Mondays are Move Your Body Monday🏃 OR Motivational Quote Monday🌞!

⭐️Move Your Body Monday🏃: I post my favorite🌟 workouts, including videos🎥 of my hula Hoop Dancing!💟

⭐️Motivational Quote Monday🌞: I post a motivational quote, and my thoughts on it, to start your week with a positive message!

👌Tidbit Tuesday: A peek at my favorite🌟 happy healthy things or healthy eating and living facts, tips, and tricks.

👉Wednesday is What Vegans Eat Wednesday✌️ OR Writing Tips Wednesday📓!

⭐️What Vegans Eat Wednesday✌️: Wondering what the heck vegans eat in a day? See what I eat in a day! ✨ Includes  recipes from previous and upcoming posts or from Cookbooks. 👍I also sneak in Happy Healthy Hints.

👍Writing Tips Wednesday📓: I’m not just a food blogger, I’m also an author and a Professional Writing Major at a University. I post my writing tips, writing tips from famous authors, and great writing resources

⭐️ Review☑️ Thursday🌟*: I post reviews of products, cookbooks and ✨recipe reviews of vegan (and usually gluten-free) baked goods🍰🍪 vegan cooking recipes!📍

⁉️*Got a product, recipe, or cookbook you want me to review? I would LOVE💗 to review it! E-mail📧 me at :

❤️ Foodie Friday🍴: I post original healthy (usually) vegetarian or vegan recipes for breakfast, lunch and dinner!👍.

Caturday😸: Cute pictures or videos featuring my cats: Indi and Kiki. Also features a cute animal video that I select each week!

⭐️Smoothie Sunday🍵: I post delicious and nutritious smoothies or smoothie bowl creations.


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