Your New Best Friends: Voss and Kevita DIY Glass Water Bottles 

Hey there! Thanks✨ for visiting Happy Healthy Noms for this week’s Tidbit Tuesday!💫

Move over BPA-free plastic water bottles and aluminum water bottle so, there’s a new best friend for your water in town and it’s glass water bottles!

I bought a nice glass water bottle off of amazon, but I found a couple water bottles that I like even more

I bought a large and small Voss water bottles, enjoyed the pure Norwegian Artesian water (yes, it actually was good,) and I kept the bottles and refilled them with my non-Artesian water.  

Another favorite water bottle of mine is from empty Kevita bottles! So, I get to enjoy my favorite drink, and then fill, it up with water 

The Voss bottles and the Kevita bottles have a wonderful design! They are easy to drink from, holds the perfect amount of water, and it keeps your water nice and cool.     

All of these bottles are durable! I’ve dropped them once or twice, and they survived the fall!

Best of all, all of these bottles are made of glass and the bottle (minus the cap) is dishwasher-safe!

I like having both the large Voss bottle and the small Voss and Kevita bottles. I find that both of them together is the perfect amount of water for me–but you decide!  Until next time, remember: Have your veggies and eat your cookies🍪 too!


5 thoughts on “Your New Best Friends: Voss and Kevita DIY Glass Water Bottles 

  1. The Kevita glass bottles are nice and the perfect size for my purse. I wonder if you know if there is a water bottle style sip cap to replace the original cap?
    I have looked a little on the web but most searches lead me to baby bottles.
    Also, any ideas about a rubber safety grip thingy to increase the safety for use by children?


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